Contributing to quality improvement in semiconductor device manufacturing

Contribution to Further Miniaturization (1xnm)/300mm FOUP Load Port SELOP-8/N2 purge/300mm N2 purge application/SELOP-7-N/N2 purge/300mm
Wafer Auto Switching Load Port/SELOP-7/300mm Wafer FOUP/200mm Wafer Open cassette
LED/Power Semiconductor Wafer/Automated Wafer Transportation System/N2 purge 300mm FOUP LOAD PORT/SELOP-7/300mm
300mm/450mm FOUP LOADER MODULE/EFEM/300mm/450mm 450mm/FOUP & MAC LOAD PORT/450mm/N2 purge

200mm SMIF Pod Opener/200mm/Link to SINFONIA ENGINEERING