Contribution to Next Generation Technology
(SEMICONDUCTOR Miniaturization to 12nm,7/8nm)

N2 purge
300mm FOUP Load Port
(Smart SELOP-7-N series)

Prevent cross contamination and surface oxidation

Quickly control wafer in FOUP through Loadport N2 purge function


Superior Stable N2 Purge by Original movable nozzle

Control nozzle up/down timing
Avoid interference to Kinematic Pin during FOUP placement
Interoperatability of non-N2 purge FOUP
Adjustment function of nozzle pressure
Exchangeable nozzle heads for Suitable attach to ports
Nozzle up / down position detect function (Sensor)

1.N2 purging on Carrier Base

  • Adapted FOUP Type: ENTEGRIS A-300, Spectra
    (4 Purge Port Type)   #1

2.Preventing contamination through purge port

  • (1)GAS-Filter at INLET Port side  #2
  • (2)Adhesion to Grommet of FOUP-side

3.Monitor N2 Gas flow rate by flow meter

4.Control N2 Gas flow rate by MFC