300mm N2 EFEM

Ability to perform cutting edge processes
by regulating Ox/H2O levels within the EFEM.


1.Extremely Low Level Oxygen Density Control

・Less than 100ppm with low N2 Gas Consumption (100LPM) by N2 Gas Circulation System

2.Fine Differential Pressure Automatic Control

・10 +/- 3.5 Pa gage

3.Equivalent Footprint as Conventional EFEM

・With the stationary type robot, maximum 4 LP access is possible :
No need to change depth of N2 EFEM
・Maintenance access from side as Conventional EFEM (Or can use EFEM Side Position for Additional Options)
・Flexible Layout for Position of Customer L/L

4.EFEM Inside Environment Monitor/Analyzing

・Digital Analyzers
(Oxygen Concentration, Dew Point, Temperature, Diff. Pressure)
・Real Time Data Monitoring

5.Safe Operation

・Safely replace N2 gas to Air
*S2, S8, CE Compliance (In Progress)