Contribution to Further Miniaturization (1xnm)

300mm FOUP Load Port
(Smart SELOP-8 Series)

Extreamly Smooth
FOUP door Open/Close Motion

Great improvement of particle performance. Reduction of vibration during door open/close by hybrid of pneumatic and electric driven mechanism.
Compliance of high sealed FOUP.


Superior Stable N2 Purge by Original movable nozzle. Patent pending

Control nozzle up/down timing
Avoid interference to Kinematic Pin during FOUP placement
Interoperatability of non-N2 purge FOUP
Adjustment function of nozzle pressure
Exchangeable nozzle heads for Suitable attach to ports
Nozzle up / down position detect function (Sensor)

1.N2 purging on Carrier Base

  • Adapted FOUP Type: ENTEGRIS A-300, Spectra
    (4 Purge Port Type)  

2.Purge Clean N2 Gas

  • (1)Filters, installed just in front of the nozzle, can block particle from entering to FOUP
  • (2)Adhesion to Grommet of FOUP

3.Monitor N2 Gas flow rate by flow meter

4.Control N2 Gas flow rate by MFC

4.Feild Upgrade from Standard SELOP8 to N2 Purge Load Port is possible

N2 purging on Carrier Base