Industrial Electrical Equipment & Power System


Fitting for various application in scrap handling.

Playing active role in steel production line, metal distribution center, and port by  its safety and efficient operation.


Broad product range fitting to handling of all metal product
We offer high performance lifting magnet that suits for all metal product such as billet, coil, bloom, bar, steel plate, pipe and slab.
Improved working efficiency
Stable and maximum product load can be handled by magnet force. Working cycle in your steel production shops or distribution site can effectively be changed , compared with grab or any other mechanical device.
Secured safety
We never forget safety. The fail-safe device works when power failure in your working site occurred, preventing ferrous scraps lifted under the magnet being fell down on the floor.

Applications for Product Handling Lifting Magnet
  • Bundled Steel Bars Handling
  • Coil Handling
  • Slab Handling
  • Billets and Blooms Handling
  • Steel Plate Handling