DD motor

DD motor Achieved high speed and precition driving with small size and simple structure

  • Standard specifications
  • Dimensions
  • Torque performance

System configuration

Optional cable
  • ・Motor cable
  • ・External regenerative resistor
  • ・Encorder cable
  • ・Interface connector-kit
  • ・Magnetic pole sensor

※4. PC cable (USB mini-B cable) is not provided.
※5. Only required for DD motor with magnetic sensor

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Operating environment

Ambient temperature Operation : 0~40℃ Strage : −15~+70℃
Humidity 80% RH or less, no condensation
Environment Keep away from corrosive gas or dust (indoor use)
Vibration/impact 9.8m/S2 or less
Altitude 1,000m or less

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