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Our vibrating feeders can carry any kinds of materials swiftly and precisely.


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Product Features

1. Easy Automatic Feed control
Easy feeding adjustment by turning the feeding control knob. The feeding volume of vibrating feeders can be easily and automatically controlled through combination of a weighing machine, flow meter, thermometer or motor load, and by detecting fluctuations thereof. Especially by being combined with the weighing machine, the feeder is frequently utilized as a hopper scale for mixing raw materials.
2. Wide range of handling materials
Vibrating feeder can process a wide range of materials and efficiently convey a variety of materials from fine to massive bodies. The feeder is also suitable for high temperature, high abrasion material feeding. A large-sized feeder having a capacity of conveying iron ore at a rate of 6,100 tons per hour is also available.
3. Low running cost
Vibrating feeder consume very small electric power by means of utilizing the resonance phenomenon, which is extremely economical. Vibrating feeder’s easy structure saves maintenance and inspection time. Furthermore, no friction exists between a trough surface and conveyed material, which relates to trough long life span. As a result, maintenance cost of the vibrating feeder will be dramatically reduced, and cut back cost.
4. Suitable for specialized operation
A number of feeding modifications are available; dust or gas tight troughs and covers; special inlets and outlets, many more. And also, a waterproof type and a heatproof type are also available.

Model List

Model F Type Electromagnetic Feeders RFH Type Rubber Spring Feeders
Drive mechanism Resonance type consisting of electromagnetic and leaf spring. Resonance type consisting of 3-phase induction motor, rubber spring and unbalanced weight.
Power supply Commercial single phase Commercial 3-phase
Suitable materials for handing Wide range of materials from fine to massive materials. Pulverulent, granular and massive materials.
Max. stroke (mm) 1.8 7
Vibration per min. (50/60Hz) 3000/3600 1000∼1150
Max. feeding capacity (T/Hr)
1250 5000
Adjustment of feeding capacity (Electrical) 30∼100%(*2) 40∼100%
Adjustment of feeding capacity (Mechanical) Opening ratio of gate
Angle of inclination
Opening ratio of gate
Angle of inclination
Unbalanced weight
Starting Instantaneous Easy
Stopping Instantaneous Possible Instantaneously
Applicability to weighing machine Best Better
Maintenance Easy Easy
  • *1The max feeding capacity shows for the sand having bulk density of 1.6.
  • *2Feeding capacity can be freely adjusted between 0-100% by adjusting opening ratio of gate.
  • *About linear feeders, please refer at a compact vibration equipment catalogue.

Delivery Record

photo:Vibrating Feeders
RVF-600-3.0Vibrating feeder for rubber crumbs
photo:Vibrating Feeders
RVF-900-3.7Vibrating feeder for rubber crumbs
photo:Vibrating Feeders
RFH-500BMaterial cutout feeder under the unloader hopper

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