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SINFONIA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. deals in various kinds of models of vibrating conveyors from conventional to unique models.


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Product Features

Simple construction
The trough itself stays in place and transmits vibration by means of a to-and-fro motion to move the material. Conveyors are therefore very simple in construction, and are easily installed, even in limited space. Because of its simple structure, therefore, maintenance cost and installation cost can be cut back.
Accommodates all types of materials
The steel trough can accommodate the conveyance of hot materials as well as cooling operations. Vibrating conveyor can transport all types of materials with no limitations posed by particle size, corrosiveness, relative hardness, stickiness, etc.
Can dry, cool, etc simultaneously
Processing such as drying, cooling sorting, draining etc. can easily be carried out at the same time, making the conveyance process an extremely efficient means of transport.
Reduces costs
Selecting the most appropriate vibration frequency for the process in hand can lead to large savings in electricity consumption.
Maintains clean environment
The equipment can be sealed through the simple attachment of an anti-dust cover, eliminating the spread of even the finest particles and maintaining a clean and comfortable working environment.
Smooth starts and stops
The drive systems of the MVCB and BM conveyors have unique rubber springs and the RV conveyor absorbs the shock of stops with an electrical system, for extremely smooth operations.

Model List

Model Features & applications Drive method
BM conveyors BM Fully balanced type causing no vibration pollution; handles all materials from fine to lumpy. 3-phase induction motor, eccentric shaft action, spring resonators.
Balanced conveyors MVCB Standard version for all types of materials. Vibration-neutralizing structure and wide applications including fully sealed conveyance. 3-phase induction motor, eccentric shaft action, spring resonators.
MVCB-L Low profile type with minimal overall height. Ideal for teaming up with other equipment, high level installation.
MV conveyors MVC Simple, low cost version. Suited to long distance, narrow bed conveyance. Accommodates drying, cooling etc. 3-phase induction motor, eccentric shaft action, spring resonators (direct impact)
RV conveyors RVF Forced vibration type that can move sticky materials smoothly. Rate of flow easily adjustable. Forced vibration generated by rotary vibrator (vibration motor)
RVF-Ø Tubular trough for fully sealed conveyance. Ideal for airtight conveyance, or for dust-creating materials.
Spiral elevator RVES Vertical lifting, spiral trough type. Space saving and can accommodate drying, cooling, etc. Forced vibration generated by rotary vibrator (vibration motor)
Slide conveyors HDC Lifting materials with horizontal vibration. Suitable for conveying delicate materials such as food stuffs. Forced vibration type with high thrust HD linear motor
Rubber-spring conveyors HRC Variable vibration/low bed type; ideal for light weight and low specific gravity particulate materials. 3-phase induction motor, unbalanced weights, rubber spring resonators.
Model Vibration-
effect (*1)
length (*2)
Explosion proof
BM conveyors BM 5(1) 10∼20 6.7
120 Floor Mounted Type
Balanced conveyors MVCB 15∼20 10∼20 6.7
30 Floor Mounted Type
MVCB-L 6.7
MV conveyors MVC (Reference)
10∼20 6.7
80 Floor Mounted Type
RV conveyors RVF 10∼15 2∼4 24.2
6 Floor Mounted Type
Suspension Type
4∼6 15.8
5∼8 12
Spiral elevator RVES 15∼20 2∼4 24.2
(Lifting height)
Floor Mounted Type
4∼6 15.8
5∼10 12
Slide conveyors HDC   60   6 Floor Mounted Type
Rubber-spring conveyors HRC 5∼10 5∼12 15.8
6 Floor Mounted Type
  • *1Vibration-neutralizing effect of MV conveyors taken as index of 100, and indices for other models based on comparisons with MV conveyors. Index of (1) for BM model applies when conveyor is mounted on vibration damping springs.
  • *2Max. trough length may vary with different trough widths. More information available on request.

Delivery Record

photo:Vibrating Conveyors
RVES-1500-10Spiral elevator for carrying rubber crumbs
photo:Vibrating Conveyors
BM-1500-13BM conveyor for rubber with outlet damper
photo:Vibrating Conveyors
BM-900-8.0Up hill vibrating conveyor for cast metal

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