HD Motor Rotary Type

image High torque of up to 2400Nm meets every needs.
High Torque
  New magnetic circuit that doubles the efficiency factor of the core, generates high torque up to 2400Nm.
Compact in size
  Compact size due to high torque per unit area.
High Frequency Operation
  Enables high frequency operation, thanks to the continuous high torque output.
High Precision
  The optical, high-resolution encoder is a lineup type. Greater precision positioning is possible.
High Rigidity
  Cross roller bearing makes motor more rigid and stable.
Big, heavy load index ------ FPD euipment
High Precision positioning ------ Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
High Frequency Operation ------ Electronic components manufacturing equipment, Inspection instrument
Simple Structures ------ Paper manufacturing, Printer etc.
The Rotary Type magnetic circuit of HD motor
  Figure shows one phase of the HD motor. The flux from the excitation of coil A passes through poles A and /A. Then both poles contribute to torque so that 2x the torque is produced.
The magnet circuit of the conventional motor
  The magneto-motive forces by phase coil A are in the same direction and enhance each other, but in the inverse direction for pole /A. That means the torque generation is by only pole A.

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