HD Motor Linear Type
image Capable of heavy load high-precision transportation with strong thrust motor.
Notable Thrust
  Standard lineup generates thrust up to 1700N.
Low Heat Generation
  Continuous high thrust output enables low heat generation. High frequency operation maintained without anxiety.
Compact in size
  Compact size comes from the high thrust per unit area.
High Precision
  Optical encoder utilizes high precision positioning.
Magnet-less Stator
  Unique magnetic circuit removes permanent magnets from the stator side. (See P.2 Structure Comparison)
Placement of large and heavy loads ------ FPD manufacturing equipment
High precision positioning ------ Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
High frequency operation ------ Chip mount, bonder, etc.
Comparing structure
HD Motor Linear Type
Movable Unit Slit form permanent magnets are placed in the space where the laminated core forms, and it equips the winding.

Blocks of laminated core are lined up, and the grooves are molded with plastics.

Permanent Magnet Not Exposed
PM Linear motor
Movable Unit Laminated core is equipped with the winding.

On the plate, the plate form permanent magnet is arranged by the number of strokes.

Permanent Magnet Exposed
Coreless Linear Motor
Movable Unit Without a core, the winding is molded by plastics.

One the plate, the plate form permanent magnet is arranged by the number of strokes and two plates are arranged facing each other.

Permanent Magnet Exposed

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