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Rotation coil clutch
<Brush holder for TR type clutches> Download CAD (DFX)
The brush and holder shown below are required to use the rotation coil tooth clutch (TR type). Please order this part separately as it is not included with the clutch.
Tubler brush holder for small class TR type clutches Tubler type brush holder for middle class TR type clutches
Brush for AP-223 type Brush for AP-45 type
For wet usage:AP-223-1/For dry usage : AP-223-2 For wet usage:AP-45-1/For dry : usageAP-45-2
image image

Multiple brush holder A for large TR type
This is the brush holder used for the TR-2500 and TR-5000 type.

Brush holder and its application table
Brush holder type Application Brush type Number of uses Applicable clutch type
AP-223 For wet mode AP-223-1 1 TR-2-15
For wet mode AP-223-2 1 TR-2-15
AP-45 For wet mode AP-45-1 1 TR-20-80
4 TR-280-5000
For wet mode AP-45-2 1 TR-20-80
2 TR-280-1120
Multiple A type For wet mode 8×10×25 1 set
(4 pieces)
When AP type brushes are used, please connect the plus side of the brush to the clutch spring and the minus side of the brush to the yoke side.

Brush performance specification list
Brush type Dimension (mm) Maximum allowable current
Maximum allowable peripheral speed
Contact pressure
AP-223-1 φ4×16 3 12.7 10 With pigtail and spring
AP-223-2φ4×16 1.4 25 3.5 With pigtail and spring
AP-45-1 φ6×20 6 12.7 20 With pigtail and spring
AP-45-2 φ6×20 3 25 5 With pigtail and spring
Multiple A type 8×10×25 20 25 2-2.5 1 set (4 pieces) with pigtail

(Note)1. The tubler brush can be used for both wet and dry operation by changing the brush module. Wet operation uses a braided bronze brush and dry operation uses a copper carbon brush.
2. During wet operation, if the peripheral speed of the spring is more than 12.7m/s or if the current usually flows on the spring, attach 2 brushes with a 90-degree angle between them and apply the current across both brushes.
3. Connect the plus side to the brush holder and connect the minus side to the separate brush sliding on the shaft attached to the clutch body Be careful not to connect the plus and minus terminals inversely..
4. When the clutch is used while submersed in oil, attach an idler brush in the forward direction of rotation without applying any additional current.
5. If you use a clutch larger than our typeTR-280 for wet operation, use 4 AP45-1 type brushes, designating one as an idler, as is described in note 4.

The TO and SPO types are designed to be attached to a fixing adapter or a fixed part of the machine to maintain proper thermal dissipation. If there is insufficient space for ventilation or if the clutch is installed in a sealed box with direct sun exposure, the ambient temperature will increase. Please contact us for application advice.
2. If using the TR-280, 560, or 1120 types, attach the grounding brush to the shaft in order to protect the machine's shaft bearing.