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DMP small capacity power box
Silicon rectification
This compact power box includes a transformer and silicon rectifier to be used with small capacity clutch/brakes. You can obtain a DC power source for your clutch/brake by simply connecting this device to a commercial AC outlet.

Dimensional outline drawing

Input voltage AC V 100/110,200/220
Fuse capacity A 1
Output voltage DC V 24
Capacity W 10
Rating Continuous
Weight kg 1.0
Painting color Munsel 7.5BG6/1.5

1 Don't short circuit the output terminal of the power box.
2 Prepare a discharge circuit outside of the power box since this unit does not include its own.
3 Select a power box with capacity equal to 130% of the clutch/brake's power consumption (when using a discharge varistor).

Input voltage switching connection diagram
AC input switching

External connection diagram