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FMPR contactless controller
Controller dedicated for ERS/EPR
A contactless controller dedicated for control only clutches, brakes and cell pack series brakes. The basic circuit consists of power, power switching, and operation control.
A contactless method utilizing power transistors is used for the switching of clutches/brakes with the inverse excitation current being applied on the clutch at the moment of releasing and on the brake at the moment of attraction. It is also possible to adjust the brake release voltage. This device only requires an AC input, clutch/brake and external signal (push button switch, relay contact, transistor, and the proximity relay etc.) connections to function.

Dimensional outline drawing

Input voltage AC V 100/110·200/220
Fuse capacity A 5
Clutch output voltage DC V 24
Brake output voltage DC-V 1-24±10%
Capacity W 35(Clutch side), 35(Brake side)
Rating Continuous
Excitation method With inverse excitation by capacitor for both clutch/brake
Structure Steel plate, wall mounting, protective enclosure
Weight kg 3.4
Painting color Munsell 7.5BG6/1.5

1 .The capacity shows the total capacity of the clutch/brake
2 It is not necessary to connect a varistor as a discharge circuit.

External connection diagram
1 PS terminal is for switching CL/MB using an external power source. See the operation manual for details.
2 F terminal; is for freeing CL/MB by an external signal. See the operation manual for details.
3 Only current of several milliamps can be used for the external signal so ensure an appropriate input.

Layout drawing of Switch, variable resistance and fuse