Reverberatory furnaces currently command the principal role in melting aluminum. This is due to the fact that equipment cost is low, operation is simple, and also as it is economical operate since the cost of fuel is comparatively low. 
On the other hand, however, it has the disadvantage of difficulty in maintaining uniformity of components since, unlike the induction furnace, the reverberatory furnace does not have stirring action and temperature differences are generated between the bottom and surface of the molten metal and between the combustion chamber and the open well.
Although a mechanical or decompression type stirrer was used in the past to resolve this problem, development of a superior stirrer was in demand since operation and maintenance were troublesome.
Our electromagnetic stirrer is capable of mixing au of the molten metal in the furnace uniformly within an extremely short Period of time by means of a simple device utilizing the principle of a linear motor. 
It is a revolutionary stirrer that nearly resolves the drawbacks of the reverberatory furnace and also conveniently resolves the problems of past stirring equipment.
Since SINFONIA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has already manufactured various types of electromagnetic stirring equipment, full utilization of our -know-how will promise you highly effective results in the operation of reverberatory furnaces
Furnace bottom type electromagnetic stirrer
This unit is nearly maintenance-free since it generates thrust by electromagnetic induction in the molten metal itself and does not touch the molten metal whatsoever.