Flat Type DD MotorFlat Type DD Motor


Flat Type DD Motor ZMD Series,Size is Further Reduced to Make You Save Even More Space,Introducing Our New Slim Model ! Compact Design (Height: 50mm)


Maximum Torque High torque performances 15Nm,High Resolution Over 1million ppr,Hollow Diameter 50mm,Lighter and Thinner Structure Weight: 5.5 kg/ Height: 50mm

Application examples

  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Assembling robots
  • Any kind of indexing applications
  • FDP manufacturing equipment
  • Automation
  • Others (replacement for servo + reducer)

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Model ZMD-10026
Maximum torque (Nm) 15
Continuous torque (Nm) 5
Rated output (w) 60
Maximum current (Arms) 3
Continuous current (Arms) 1
Maximum rotation speed (s-1) 2
Sensor resolution (ppr) 1310720
Rotation positioning (repeatability accuracy) (Sec) ±3
Allowed axial load (N) 800
Allowed moment load (Nm) 40
Rotor inertia (kg・m2) 0.016
Axial run-out/ side run-out accuracy (μm) 70
Protection IP4X

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Operating environment

Ambient temperature operation: 0-40 storage:-15 +70
Ambient humidity less than 80% HR, no condensation
Atmosphere keep away from corrosive gas or dust (indoor use)
Vibration/ impact less than 9.8m/s2
Altitude less than 1000m
Operating conditions
  • If using radial load, axial load and moment load at the same time, please contact us.
  • This motor can be used with any type of servo-driver. However, when using a servo-driver that differs from the one suggested, please be sure to use it below the continuous current value.
  • For details about axial rigidity and moment rigidity, please contact us.

※1 With the use of RD converter
※2 Horizontal installation, radial load 0
※3 Horizontal installation
※4 As option, it is also possible to improve surface accuracy. For further details, please contact us.

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Dimensional outline drawing


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Torque Characteristics Diagram

Optional Accessories

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