DD motor Optional accessories

servo amp

We recommend to use Panasonic A5L driver in a combination with our motors

An easy and more efficient way to control DD motors thanks to a high reliability and best performing servo-driver

Driver specifications

Model MBDHT2510L01 MCDHT3520L01
Main circuit power supply
Single phase/3-phase 200~240V +10%
Control circuit power supply
Single phase 200~240V +10%
Rated current A 2.6 4.1
Maximum current A 7.8 12.3
Control system IGBT PWN sinewave control drive
Weight kg 1.0 1.6
Motor type ZMD-1003、ZMD-1007 ZMD-1010
Encoder feedback A/B phase, initialization signal differential input
1/0 parallel connector Control signal Input General purpose 10 inputs
The function of general purpose input is selected by parameters
Output General purpose 6 outputs
The function of general purpose output is selected by parameters
Analog signal Input 3 inputs (16 bit A/D: 1 input、12 bit A/D: 2 input)
Output 2 outputs ( 2 analog monitor outputs)
Pulse signal Input 2 inputs (photo-coupler input, line receiver input)
Output 4 outputs (3 line driver outputs, 1 open collector output)
Communication function USB PC connection, etc.
RS232 1:1 communication
RS485 1:n communication up to 31 axes to a host
Safety function Used for IEC61800-5-2: STO
Front panel ① 5 keys ② LED (6-digit)
③ Monitor connector (Analog monitor output 2ch, Digital monitor output 1ch)
Regeneration No built-in regenerative resistor (external resistor only) Built-in regenerative resistor (external resistor also enabled)
Dynamic brake Built-in
Control mode Switch among 6 different settings by changing parameters
① Position control ② Speed control
③ Torque control ④ Position/speed control
⑤ Position/torque control ⑥ Speed/ torque control

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Position control Control input ① Deviation counter clear
② Command pulse input inhibition
③ Command dividing gradual increase switching
④ Vibration control switching
Control output Positioning completion (in-position), etc.
Pulse input Max. command pulse frequency 500kpps (when using a photocoupler input) 4mpps (when using a line receiver input)
Input pulse signal format Differential input. Different settings by changing parameters. (1positive/ negative direction 2 A/B 3 instruction/direction)
Electronic gear
(Division/multiplication of command pulse)
1/1000 to 1000 times
Smoothing filter Primary delay filter or FIR type filter can be selected
Analog input Torque limit command input Individual torque limit available for both positive and negative direction
Torque feed forward input Analog voltage can be used as torque feed-forward input
Instantaneus speed observer Available
Vibration control Available
Speed control Control input ① Internal speed setup 1
② Internal speed setup 2
③ Internal speed setup 2
④ Speed zero clamp
Control output Speed arrival etc.
Analog input Speed command input Speed command input can be provided by means of analog voltage
Parameters are used for scale setting and command polarity. (standard configuration: 6V/ rated rotation speed)
Torque limit command input Individual torque limit available for both positive and negative direction
Torque feed forward input Analog voltage can be used for torque feed-forward input
Internal speed command Switching among 8 different internal speed options is possible by means of control input
Soft start/ shut-down function Individual setup for accelleration and decelleration is enabled, with 0 to 10s/1000r/min.
Sigmoid accelleration/decelleration option is available too.
zero speed clamp Zero speed clamp input is enabled
Instantaneus speed observer Available
Speed control filter Available
Torque control Control input Speed zero clamp, Torque command sign input, etc.
Control output Speed arrival, etc.
Analog input Torque command input Torque command input based on analog pressure is available
Scale setting and command polarity based on parameters. (standard configuration: 3V/ rated torque)
Speed limit function Speed limit value with parameter is enabled
Shared features Auto-tuning The load inertia is identified in real time by the driving state of the motor that operates accordingly to the command given by the controlling device and the installed support sofware "PANATERM". The gain is automatically set in accordance with the rigidity setting
Feedback pulse frequency setting Any setup is enabled. (encoder pulses is the max.)
Protection function Hard errors Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-speed, over-load, over-heat, over-current, encoder error, etc.
Soft errors Excess position deviation, command pulse division error, EEPROM error, etc.
Alarm data trace-back function Alarm data history display function

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Dimensional outline drawing

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External regenerative resistor

Model Specifications Internal thermal
Resistance External
diameter of
the core wire
Weight Rated electric power※1
free air with fan ※2
DV0P4283 RF180B 50Ω φ1.27mm
(18 strand wire)
0.2kg 17W 50W 140±5 ℃
B contact
switching capacity (resistance load)
1 A 125 VAC 6000 times
0.5 A 250 VAC 10000 times

※1 Electric power without using the internal thermal protector. The thermal fuse and the thermal protector are built in for safety reasons.The thermal fuse can get disconnected for causes regarding radiator conditons, operating temperature limits, power voltage and load variations.In bad operating conditions (such as high power voltage, high load inertia, short decelleration time, etc.) which may cause repetitive regeneration , please be sure to keep the regenerator resistor's temperature under 100ºC.

※2 With fan keeping wind speed over 1 m/s.

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Interface connector-kit

※Connector X4's pins disposition (50 pins)

Product configuration

Name Product No. Quantity (Qty) Manufacturer's name Notes
Connector DV0P4350 10150-3000PE 1 Sumitomo 3M Limited or equivalent 50 pins for
Connector cover 10350-52A0-008 1

1.Please check the Pin No. impressed in the connector it self before wiring

2.For further details about the symbols showing signal names or the function of the signals, please refer to the instruction manual.

3.Please don't connect anything to the pin with the NC sign on the left side

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Connectioin Diagram

Example of pulse train: for further details please visit the relative page on Panasonic web site.

Click the image to see the enlaged image.

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Converter cable


Model L
LED-AD0-002-A5 0.5m
LED-AD0-002-01 1m
Resolver cable


Model L
LED-AD0-003-03 3m
LED-AD0-003-05 5m
Power cable


Model L
LED-AD0-004-03 3m
LED-AD0-004-05 5m

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RD converter

Input power supply DC5V MAX.350mA
Input signal Resolver output signal
Output signal A-B-Z phase differential output
Operating temperature 0℃~50℃
Storage temperature -30℃~+80℃

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