For Next-Generation Wafer

450mm FOUP & MAC LOAD PORT (SELOP 18MF25-S300 series)

New 450mmLP now available!
High Reliability from the experience of 300mm LP/N2 Purge LP.

N2 Purge function available

Original Movable nozzle implemented.
Abundant shipment reference to major users.


Evaluation machine is available

1.Particle free

  • (1)Original Door opening Technology prevents particle penetration
  • (2)Low Vibration Design

2.Short tact time

Realized by high speed mapping


  • (1)Successfully Passed reliability test by ISMI
  • (2)High repeatability of Door open / close accuracy
  • (3)MCBF 600,000 cycles achieved


  • (1)Applicable to various FOUPs and MACs (Entegris, Goudeng)
  • (2)Ethernet communication and RS232C command control
  • (3)E84 and CID communication

5.High Accuracy Mapping

6.Easy maintenance

  • (1)PC based support software
  • (2)Easy maintenance access from front
  • (3)Communication log record function

7.Easy installation

  • (1)BOLTS surface position adjustment mechanism
  • (2)Undock position adjustment function
    (Adjustable to OHT line)
  • (3)Self-standing caster as a standard function
  • (4)Most ergonomic installation mechanism (Only one minutes to install)

8.Large indicator

Wide viewable LED indicators

* Ethernet is a trademark of Xerox Corporation.