Small Vibrating Equipment

For process of particulate materials, our small vibrating equipment are the most efficient, clean, and reliable.


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Water-resistant Vibrating FeederWCF SeriesNEW

Providing Safe Food by Preventing Contamination
for Maintaining Hygiene Production Line

Food Safety
  • Easy cleaning when changing transporting material (for allergy prevention)
  • Washable driving unit
Contamination control
  • Avoiding risk of contamination by not using resins and painting on its body.
  • The body is consisted by materials which can be detected through metal detector.


Model 【NEW】WCF-3 WCF-2A
Cover No cover No cover
Trough weight 3∼9.0kg 2∼4.5kg
Standard trough size 150×610×70(mm) 120×550×60(mm)
Max stroke 1.6mm 1.6mm
Vibration frequency 50∼70Hz 50∼70Hz
Applicable controller C10-3VF(*1) C10-1VCF(*1)
Voltage 200V(*1) 200V(*1)
Current 1.6A 0.65A
Weight 28kg 17kg
Auxiliary cable
(cross-section area)
2PNCT、1.5m(1.25mm2×3cores) VCT、1.5m (0.75mm2×3cores)
  • *1C10-TR power transformer unit is required when power source is AC100V

Structure Diagram

Structure Diagram

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