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Powerful, durable, and less energy consumption. Reliable supporter for recycling operation.


Maximum lifting capability for your scrap handling
With over 50 years of hand-on experience, our expertise is unmatched for ferrous scrap .handling. We offer high performance lifting magnet that suits for versatile grades of ferrous scraps.
Improved working efficiency
Stable and maximum scrap amount can be handled by magnet force every time lifted Thanks to this, working cycle can be much manageable and reduced, compared with grab or any other mechanical device.
Secured safety
We never forget safety. The fail-safe device works when power failure in your working site occurred, preventing ferrous scraps lifted under the magnet being fell down on the floor.

The World-Largest Class Lifting Magnet In 2009, SINFONIA TECHNOLOGY delivered the world-largest lifting magnet for scrap handling.

Designing Concept

Ferrous scrap, naturally, comes into wide variety of shapes , size and weight and they sometimes are mixed to have very low gravity, to which magnetic force hardly work effectively. With the design craftsmanship proven by abundant experience , our magnet body has high flux density to realize deep penetration of the magnet flux into the materials loads. From bulk loads of crop ends, pig iron to jumbled scrap materials, lifting loads at the maximum can be brought for each material loads.

Lighter magnet body, yet high lifting capacity
Using light aluminum wire for coil with state-of the art design for magnet circuit, less weight for greater lifting capacity is realized.
Robust and durable magnet body for longer life-time
Our magnet body, structured with high quality Manganese Steel lasts more than 20 years with proper, periodical maintenance and repair. Through the long history as major lifting magnet manufacturer, we are so well familiar with tough operation in the field , that inspired us to heap up series of improvement activities.
Higher lifting power, more efficient working cycle with over-excitation control
Load weight per one lift is critical for the efficiency of working cycle. Our overexcitation control makes it possible to lift more loads by 10-20%. Higher voltage is added in a short time to the coil, energizing powerful magnetic force to lift more loads.For larger dia. Lifting magnet, over-excitation control with over-shooting is applied. Electric current for the coil is instantly and sharply raised to get powerful magnetic force.
Easy Over Excitation System
  • In addition to the constant voltage system, the over excitation system can also be used by changing the power supply and the control unit.
  • Lifting amount increased with over-excitation Lifting capability is further increased through the use of over-excitation control by initially applying high voltage (290V 200V DC).
  • The working efficiency in your scrap yard can remarkably be improved!
Voltage and current pattern
Safety first, fail-safe device for power cut

At the time of supply power failure during lifting magnet is in operation, fail-safe device will instantly be activated to avoid danger that loading objects falling down the floor or passage on site.

Process of fail-safe device for supply power cut

  1. When AC source supply stopped during operation, DC power is going to be supplied from battery. Along with preventing from falling steel stocks, operator will aware of power cut by flashing indicating lamp on instrument case and beeping of warning alarm. Workers under a crane, moreover, will aware of power cut by warning alarm installed under the crane.
  2. If AC source is recovered, automatically finishes battery back up. After the recover, operation can resume by supplying electricity from thyristor panel.
  3. If power cut continues over the battery back-up time. (10 to 15 min), drop magnet until touched the ground, using manual inching device of the ceiling crane. In order to move handling material to safe place.