Industrial Electrical Equipment & Power System

400Hz Static Frequency Converter (CVCF)/FOR AIRCRAFT ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS/Reliable Operation with Advanced Inverter Technology/90kVA,120kVA,180kVA

SINFONIA's 400Hz static frequency converter is developed with advanced aerospace and invertor technologies with accmulated experiences for almost a century.


  • Realized high reliability and cost reduction with SINFONIA's original circuit method.
  • Supply stable electricity by installing NBPT controlling circuit.
  • Designed to install outdoor, so capable to preserve high durability for a long time.
  • Noise reduced by installing latest IGBT.
  • Able to reduce maintenance time by reducing consumable and applied renewing control circuit.
Capacity 90kVA 120kVA 180kVA
Input Rated Voltage 420/440V 420/440V 420/440V
Voltage Regulation Steady State ±10%
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Number of Phases and Wire Connections 3-phase 3 lines
Internal Rectification Method 12-phase rectifier
Output Rated Voltage 115/200V
Rated Current 260A 346A 260A×2
Rated Frequency 400Hz
Number of Phases and Wire Connections 3-phase 4 lines
Range of Power Factor 1 ~ Lag 0.8
Range of Voltage Adjustment 100 ~ 125V
Frequency Accuracy Within ±1Hz
Voltage Stabilization Accuracy Within ±2V
Waveform Distortion Within 3% (When balanced loading)
Resistance Amount of Excess Current 120kVA 15min, 150kVA 20sec 150kVA 10min, 180kVA 30sec 113kVA 10min, 135kVA 1min
NBPT Lap Time of Electric Source Within 120m sec
Phase Difference ±90°

Environmental Condition

Surrounding Temperature -20 ~ 40℃
Relative Humidity 30 ~ 95%
Altitude Below 1000m
Installation Location Outdoor