The Background of Our New Corporate Name

SINFONIA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. lies in the term for a 17th century Italian opera overture,sinfonia, which is also the root of the English word symphony, a suite comprised of four movements to be played by an orchestra. One reason why symphonies are loved by music listeners throughout the world is because over the long course of history musical instruments have become able to produce an incredible number of unique sounds. Yet another reason is the development of a large variety of melodic styles.

Our company’s forte as well lies in the great variety of personnel that we are blessed with, who continue to develop a great variety of products and technologies. In short, we have taken the word sinfonia, to allude to this variety, and combined it with technology in order to create our new corporate name. In the same way that an opera overture points towards a musical adventure yet to come, it is our hope that our new company name gives some indication of the bright new future that lies ahead for our organization.